Doula Services

Having a doula means you get one-on-one care throughout your pregnancy, during birth, and beyond. The Neighborhood Doula package is comprehensive and competitive at $875 and includes:

2 Prenatal visits
>> We discuss everything under the sun: one visit for pregnancy, labor, and birth, and one for postpartum, newborn care, and breastfeeding.
>> Includes education on a variety of topics including birth plans, medical interventions, childbirth education, breastfeeding, nutrition, evidence-informed practice and more.
2 Postpartum visits
>> I come to you in the first week (usually after you return home if birthing in the hospital) where we go over your experiences, how your family has been feeling, how the baby is doing, and any questions or demonstrations needed regarding newborn care!
24/7 communication via text, email, phone
>> You can contact me any time!
On-call for your birth from 36-42+ weeks
>> Respectful of babies who come when they want, and respectful of babies who come when they need.



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